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Foreign Trade Representatives

As foreign trade representatives, we connect your business with buyers and distributors to help you expand the scope of your business.


We help our costumers understand foreign distribution channels and develop a strategy that suits the target market. We also assist with logistical and financial issues that may arise throughout international trade activities.


Our strategic sourcing services help companies increase their market intelligence and reduce their indirect and direct product and service expenditures.


We help reduce the overall cost of acquisition through the application of efficient sourcing, from an extense database of supplier and in association with international trade offices.


We provide Trademark Registration services and can also assist with adverse report, infringement, opposition and related matter, allowing you to protect the intellectual property of your products and services.



Delsys Internacional is a trade agency with over 35 years of experience in the international market. We offer product marketing services to manufacturers in Asia, Europe and North America. Simultaneously we offer sourcing services to importers and wholesalers in the South American and Caribbean territory. As an agency, we handle a wide variety of products lines, such as hardware, home, office supplies, food, medical supplies, among others.

We specialize in the procurement of personalized trading services for our customers. Our clients include products and service enterprises from around the globe. Our capabilities extend beyond our customers satisfaction and expectations, relying on integrity and passion in our work and the services we offer.





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